Bengali Dum Aloo Recipe | Alurdom recipe [Quick Recipe]

I’m here again to satisfy your taste buds with delicious recipes.hope you all are enjoying it.though I’ve shared many veg, non veg tasty recipes with you all like dhania chicken, chicken kasha, mutton curry, steamed prawns / chingri bhapa ,malai kofta, banana blossom balls curry and many more I want to share a delicious dish made with potato called dum Aloo. I know most of the people loves potato.i love it too.when it comes to dum Aloo ,I can’t resist myself to eat this.the spicy and tasty dish goes so well with paratha, roti etc.but it compliments best with all time favourite luchi of all bengalis.luchi is bengali style puri which is the best partner of dum Aloo.

I’m making this all time favourite dish with small sized looks so good as well as its taste is much better than big potatoes. being small in size it absorbs more spices than big sized potatoes ,thus it enhance its taste. If you don’t have small sized potatoes, then you can cut big sized potatoes into small pieces, it will also taste good.lets start our delicious dum Aloo and make the family so happy.

Dum Aloo recipe
Dum Aloo recipe

Ingredients –

  • Small sized potatoes (500 gm )
  • Onion (2 medium sized )
  • Ginger paste ( 2 tablespoon )
  • Garlic paste ( 2 tablespoon )
  • Chopped tomatoes ( 1 big)
  • Chopped coriander (1 cup)
  • Turmeric powder(1 teaspoon )
  • Red chili powder ( 1 teaspoon )
  • Salt ( as per taste )
  • Sugar ( 1/2 teaspoon )
  • Refined oil ( 3 tablespoon )

Preparation –

  • To prepare our dum Aloo ,we need to prepare our potatoes first.for that we need to clean well our small sized potatoes.
  • now put them into a pressure cooker. add 1/2 teaspoon salt and cook it with 1 whistle.
  • keep them out in a bowl filled with cold water. now peel the boiled potatoes and let it rest.
  • take 2 medium sized onion and slice it finely.
  • Take one big sized tomato.chop it finely.

Process –

  1. let’s start our Dum Aloo. For that heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan.
  2. Add the boiled and peeled potatoes in.add some salt and pinch of turmeric powder and fry them till they turns golden.
  3. take the potatoes out and keep them aside.
  4. Now again pour 2 tablespoon oil and add sliced onion.fry them till they turns brown.
  5. add ginger and garlic paste in and cook it till the raw smell goes out.
  6. now put the turmeric and red chili powder in and cook it in medium flame.
  7. Add the chopped tomatoes in and cook it for 5-8 minutes. Then add salt in and cook till the tomatoes are soften.
  8. now add the fried potatoes in and cook it with the spices.check salt.if needed , add some more salt and put the sugar in.cover it and let it cook for 5-8 minutes.
  9. open the lid and check out the potatoes if they r soft or not.if not, then you have to cook it for another 5-8 minutes by covering it.
  10. You will see oil is coming out from the sides.and your dum Aloo is cooked properly.
  11. now add the chopped coriander leaves and cover it and let it rest for 5 minutes and turn the heat off.
  12. It will help to spread the smell of coriander all over the dish.serve it with basanti polau, paratha and most importantly luchi as I said before.
Dum Aloo recipe
Dum Aloo recipe

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