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Hello friends. happy weekend to all of you…it’s the time when you can spend some quality time with your friends , family, relatives and can enjoy your day.after a whole week’s hectic schedule, weekends  come with can cook some good food for your family at this the same time you don’t want to waste your weekend by spending more time in the kitchen as well as you want to serve some good food to your , I’m here to solve your problem by sharing a easy , healthy and tasty breakfast recipe with you. Which is so tasty and healthy at the same time . though some cheese is there to give a twist to this easy is called Cheesy Chicken Toast.before this I’ve also shared the recipe of easy and tasty garlic bread.hope you enjoyed the healthy and home made garlic bread. now I’m going to share the recipe of Cheesy Chicken Toast.

cheesy Chicken Toast is a very easy to make dish which you can serve as school tiffin of your contains a good amount of protein because I’m using chicken takes about 20-25 minutes to get totally let’s start our Cheesy Chicken Toast.

I’m using mozzarella cheese will give the strings of cheese to the toast as shown in the advertisement of well known can get the feel at home in your own dish.if you use some other kind of cheese ,it will not get the cheese strings like shown in television.

cheesy chicken toast recipe
cheesy chicken toast

Ingredients –

  • sliced bread (10 for 5 people)
  • boneless chicken (250 gm )
  • butter (50 gm)
  • mozzarella cheese cube (50 gm)
  • black pepper powder ( as needed )
  • Salt ( as per taste )

Preparation –

  • to make cheesy Chicken Toast ,we need to take 250 gm of boneless chicken.
  • Clean it well and boil it till it turns soft or for 10-15 minutes.
  • take the boiled chicken out and shred it.
  • Now add some salt in the shredded chicken and some black pepper powder as  per your taste and mix it well and keep it aside.
  • take 50 gm of mozzarella cheese cube and grate it finely and keep it in a bowl.

Process –

  1. now take all the slices of bread. take some butter on a knife and spread it well on the bread slices well.
  2. Then take the shredded chicken seasoned with salt and pepper.spread them on the one side of bread slices.
  3. get all the bread slices ready like put the grated cheese on the bread that they can cover the chicken pieces with a thin layer.
  4. now take a non stick pan. heat it in medium put the bread slices in the pan and cover it.
  5. remove the cover when the cheese is melted and the bread is crisp and turn golden brown.
  6. make all the toast like this and serve it hot  with some tomato ketchup or hot tomato tastes so good that you will forget to buy them from start your weekend with this delicious home made cheesy Chicken Toast.
cheesy chicken toast
cheesy chicken toast

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