How to Make Basanti Pulau:In Few Easy Steps


Ingredients –

  1.  Basmati rice (800 gm.for 5 people)
  2. Ghee (1cup)
  3. Cashew nuts (50gm)
  4. Yellow food colour
  5. Whole red chili (4-5)
  6. Cinnamon (4-5 stick)
  7. Cardamom (5-6)
  8. Cloves (4-5)
  9. Bay leaves (4-5)
  10. Sugar
  11. Salt
  12. Water (double amount than rice)


Process – 

  • wash rice and soak it for 2 hours
  • now strain rice and mix 2-3 pinch of food colour to it and let it dry.
  • now put 1cup ghee in pa  and heat it.
  • Now put the whole red chili,bay leaves,cinnamon,cardamom,cloves in it.
  • Now put the dried rice in and fry it well.
  • Now add the water in the rice and salt as per taste.
  • cover the pan and let the rice cook for 15-20 mins.
  • now check it and cover it again.
  • After 10 mins check the rice again and put the sugar in and mix it well and cover it again for 5 min.
  • now add the cashew nuts and mix it.
  • serve it hot…

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