Chicken Samosa | Chicken Singara recipe [Easy at home]

Chicken Samosa:

Hi…I’m here again…hope you all are following and enjoying my recipes.if not, then hurry up and start making different dishes for your family and friends and get some appreciation.

Today I want to share a snack with you. You can enjoy this with your evening tea or coffee. The name of the dish is samosa. Normally samosas are made with potato and cauliflower stuffing. But I’m giving it a twist by using chicken Keema as stuffing. It will give a tasty twist to your daily boring snacks and a new taste to your taste buds. Don’t be late and make it today to enjoy your evening.

I’m using chicken Keema can use mutton Keema will taste much can bake it too if you want to make a healthier version. But I like it fried. Serve it with tomato sauce.

Chicken Samosa
Chicken Samosa

Ingredients –

( for coating ) –

  • refined flour ( 2 cup )
  • Baking soda (1/2 teaspoon )
  • Salt (as per taste )
  • Sugar (1/2 teaspoon )
  • Onion seeds ( 1 teaspoon )
  • Ghee (1 teaspoon )
  • Refined oil (for frying)

(For stuffing) – 

  • Chicken Keema ( 500gm)
  • Chopped onion ( 1 cup )
  • Chopped garlic ( 2 tablespoon )
  • Chopped ginger ( 2 tablespoon )
  • Chopped green chili ( 4-5 )
  • Chilli flakes (2 teaspoon )
  • Turmeric powder ( 1 teaspoon )
  • Dried mango powder (1 teaspoon )
  • Garam masala powder ( 1 teaspoon )
  • Roasted cumin powder (1 teaspoon )
  • Carom/Ajwain (1/2 teaspoon )
  • Salt

Preparation –

  1. To make samosa we have to make a dough with refined flour and kneed it well.
  2. For that we have to take 2 cups of refined flour. Add some salt, sugar, onion seeds and baking soda.mix them well.
  3. Now pour ghee in and mix the while thing till it turns out to a sand like consistency.
  4. Now add water and kneed it it in a bowl for 30 min.
  5. Process – now let’s start our stuffing. For that heat 2 tablespoon oil in a pan.heat it and add carom seeds/ajwain and chili flakes.
  6. Now add chopped onion, ginger, garlic  and green chillies in.fry them till they turns soft.
  7. Now add turmeric powder and salt. Cook it for 5 minutes and add the chicken Keema. Fry them with the spices.
  8. When the chicken is cooked, add dried mango ,roasted cumin and garam masala powder in.mix the spices with chicken well.
  9. Take the stuffing out and keep it in a bowl and and let It cool.
  10. Now take the dough and kneed It make small balls from them.
  11. Take a ball.sprinkle some flour and roll it like puri or roti.make a small sized roti.
  12. Now take a knife and cut the roti into halves.take one half and make a cone of it.join the sides by using water.
  13. Dip your finger in water and spread it to the cone and stick one side with another.
  14. Now put the stuffing into the cone.don’t fill It to the dip your finger again and take some water.
  15. Spread it to the open side of the cone and stick it. Make the other cones from the balls and fill them too.
  16. Now heat 2-3 cups oil in a pan and heat it well in low flame. Now put the samosas in and fry them In a low flame . otherwise it will remain under cooked.
  17. Take them out when it turns golden and crispy. Serve it hot with tomato sauce.


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