How to make Mango Ice Cream in a Simple Way

Mango Ice Cream:

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mango ice cream

Summer comes with two Delicious gifts.One is Mango and second  is ice cream.And who does not love to have ice cream in the hot summer.What about combining it together and make delicious ice cream.Enjoy the hot summer with this simple preparation of Mango Ice Cream.Your Ice Cream is just few steps away.It’s a very simple preparation.See below for Ingredients and Instructions..

Ingredients :

  1. Mango pulp (2 Mangoes)
  2. Milk(1/2 liter)
  3. Full Fat Cream (2 Cups, Whipped )
  4. Condensed Milk( 1 cup)
  5. Sugar (1 1/2 cup , powdered )
  6. Mango Extract (2-3 drops)
  1. First peel and chop the Mangoes ,then blend it.
  2. Now add 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar and mango extract  and then mix it well.
  3. Whip the cream till soft peaks are formed
  4. Now boil the milk till it reduces to half
  5. Add the condensed milk in it
  6. Now let the mixture be cooled
  7. Add the mixture of mango pulp in the whipped cream
  8. Now add the total mixture in the milk and fold it gently
  9. pour the mixture in a container and freeze it
  10. When the ice cream is half frozen, take it out and whip it again for a minute and freeze it
Your Delicious Mango Ice Cream is ready in just few steps.Enjoy the Summer with this home made ice cream .

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